Zebrafish Models for Pediatric Research


Human genetic and genomic studies produce an avalanche of candidate human disease genes and specific mutations that require validation in vivo. To facilitate testing candidate pediatric disease genes, generation of new zebrafish pediatric disease models and piloting chemical screens, the Children’s Discovery Institute has funded a three-year proposal to establish a Zebrafish Models for Pediatric Research Cooperative of several WUSM core facilities, including: Fish Facility (FF), Genome Technology Access Center (GTAC), Genome Engineering and iPSC Core (GEiC), WU High Throughput Screening Core (HTS), Molecular Vectors Core (MVC), WU Center for Cellular Imaging (WUCCI) and Protein & Nucleic Acid Chemistry Laboratory (PNACL).

The CDI award will support the following types of projects:

  • Design and construction of guide RNAs and DNA constructs for gene disruption, editing and transgenesis
  • Generation, genotyping, maintenance and cryopreservation of zebrafish models
  • DNA sequencing and indel analysis
  • Gene expression and epigenetic profiling
  • Pilot chemical screens 


The current proposal submission period has ended.  A new RFP will begin on January 1, 2018.

To obtain approximate project costs and/or request additional information regarding your research project, contact the applicable core:  

FF Core, Isa Roszko, roszkoi@wustl.edu
GTAC Core, Richard Head, rhead@wustl.edu
CGEiC Core, Xiaoxia Cui, x.cui@wustl.edu
HTSC, Maxine Ilagan, ilaganmg@wustl.edu
TVC, Renate Lewis, lewisr@wustl.edu
WUCCI Core, James Fitzpatrick, fitzp@wustl.edu
PNACL Core, Misty Veschak, veschak@wustl.edu

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