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Research Highlights
Understanding Prematurity

Find out what these researchers are learning about vaginal bacteria and prematurity....Learn More

A Model of Persistence

Christina Stallings, PhD, is using her CDI grant to combat serious lung infections....Learn More

A Tale of Two Leukemias

Two stories of struggle and survival, two CDI researchers looking for answers....Learn More

Study of Rare Disorder Sheds Light on Common Conditions

A CDI faculty scholar identifies genetic factors that increase the risk for vascular problems in patients with Williams syndrome, paving the way for better diagnostics and treatments for a range of diseases....Learn More

Understanding RSV

Researcher Gaya Amarasinghe, PhD, and his collaborators are using a novel approach to pave the way for designing vaccines for the ubiquitous virus, RSV....Learn More

News & Events
Vitamin D Prevents Diabetes and Clogged Arteries in Mice Through research partially funded by the CDI, Washington University diabetes researcher Carlos Bernal-Mizrachi, MD,found that vitamin D plays a major role in preventing the inflammation that leads to type 2 diabetes and atherosclerosis. ... CDI More Info
CDI Leader Awarded King Faisal International Prize in Medicine CDI board of managers member, Jeffrey I. Gordon, MD, has been awarded the King Faisal International Prize in Medicine.... CDI More Info
Stopping Malnutrition CDI funded researcher Indi Trehan, MD, was first author in a study aimed at reducing the high rate of relapse in children previously considered recovered after having been treated for malnutrition.... CDI More Info
New CDI Projects Underway The Children's Discovery Institute recently awarded $3.1 million to 18 Washington University School of Medicine investigators for studies for a wide range of childhood diseases.... CDI More Info
Treatment Strategy May Reduce Infants' Wheezing Caused by Virus The antibiotic azithromycin may reduce the risk of recurrent wheezing in infants hospitalized with a common respiratory infection, according to a small pilot study at Washington University School of Medicine, partly funded by the CDI... CDI More Info