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Research Highlights
New Research on Pediatric Brain Tumors Underway

According to Dr. Rubin, MD, PhD, pediatrics, despite decades of research, we still have little understanding of the fundamental mechanisms that drive the genesis of pediatric brain tumors and the requirements for effective treatment. Now, the discovery of a key player in making brain tumors resistant to treatment by Washington University School of Medicine’s Albert Kim, MD, PhD, neurosurgery, will inform a CDI study that brings Dr. Kim together with Dr. Rubin, developmental biologist Kristen Kroll, PhD, and Hiroko Yano, PhD, an expert in neuro-epigenetics, as co-principal investigators to crack the code of what happens during brain stem cell differentiation that sets a child on the path to developing this malignant brain tumor. ...Learn More

Moving Toward Personalized Medicine

Learn how a little boy helped researchers gain a greater understanding of our immune system....Learn More

Healing a Broken Heart

Can we put immune cells to work to reverse pediatric cardiomyopathy? One CDI researcher intends to find out....Learn More

In Defense of the Peanut

A New CDI study seeks to uncover the early environmental exposures that put children at risk for food allergies....Learn More

Understanding Prematurity

Find out what these researchers are learning about vaginal bacteria and prematurity....Learn More

News & Events
New CDI Studies Underway The CDI board of managers recently voted to fund 11 new research studies, raising the total of active pediatric studies conducted by the CDI to 50. ... CDI More Info
Wonder Was at Work at 2015 CDI Symposium The Sigma-Aldrich Life Science and High Technology Center in St. Louis served as the backdrop for the eighth annual Children’s Discovery Institute (CDI) Symposium, Nov. 18, 2015. ... CDI More Info
The CDI Welcomes New Executive Director Gary A. Silverman, MD, PhD, a national leader in newborn medicine, has been named the Harriet B. Spoehrer Professor and head of the Department of Pediatrics at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. With the new appointment, effective in April, Dr. Silverman will become pediatrician-in-chief at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and executive director of the Children’s Discovery Institute.... CDI More Info
Viruses Flourish in Guts of Healthy Babies Bacteria aren’t the only nonhuman invaders to colonize the gut shortly after a baby’s birth. Viruses also set up house there, according to new research, led by CDI investigator Lori Holtz, MD, pediatrics. All together, these invisible residents are thought to play important roles in human health.... CDI More Info
CDI Researcher Makes TEDx Debut In a 5-minute TEDx talk, CDI investigator Audrey R. Odom, MD, PhD, pediatrics and molecular microbiology, explores the use of low-cost sensors to provide rapid accurate diagnosis from a single exhaled breath, a critical development in the war against drug-resistant infections. ... CDI More Info