Meet Jake.
He doesn't know this but there are medical and scientific discoveries being made at the Children's Discovery Institute that will allow him to grow and to live a long and productive life. Learn more.

Research Highlights
A Model of Persistence

Christina Stallings, PhD, is using her CDI grant to combat serious lung infections....Learn More

A Tale of Two Leukemias

Two stories of struggle and survival, two CDI researchers looking for answers....Learn More

Study of Rare Disorder Sheds Light on Common Conditions

A CDI faculty scholar identifies genetic factors that increase the risk for vascular problems in patients with Williams syndrome, paving the way for better diagnostics and treatments for a range of diseases....Learn More

Understanding RSV

Researcher Gaya Amarasinghe, PhD, and his collaborators are using a novel approach to pave the way for designing vaccines for the ubiquitous virus, RSV....Learn More

On a Mission to Improve Diabetes Drugs

Today, more than one-third of our nation’s children and adolescents are overweight or obese, putting them at increased risk for developing type-2 diabetes. Cutting-edge methods to study the structure of a specific protein pave the way for better treatments....Learn More

News & Events
CDI Researcher Elected to Institute of Medicine The National Academy of Sciences recently gave one of its highest honors to Kelle H. Moley, MD, a principle investigator at the CDI-funded Women and Infants Health Specimen Consortium.... CDI More Info
CDI Scientific Director Takes American Society of Hematology Post Mary C. Dinauer, MD, PhD, the scientific director of the Children’s Discovery Institute was elected to the Executive Committee of the American Society of Hematology. ... CDI More Info
CDI Research Turns Attention to Ebola and Makes Important Discovery CDI researcher Dr. Gaya Amarasinghe and his colleagues recently made an important discovery that pinpoints one way the Ebola virus evades the body's antiviral defenses. This important insight could lead to new therapies for the virus, in the midst of its biggest outbreak on record in Western Africa.... CDI More Info
New Culprit for Metabolic Syndrome Identified Excess uric acid, a normal waste product removed by the body through the kidneys and intestines, may play a direct causative role in metabolic syndrome. A study by Brian J. DeBosch, MD, PhD, pediatrics, who was recently funded by the CDI for other research, shows that the gut is an important clearance mechanism for uric acid, opening the door to potential new therapies for preventing or treating type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.... CDI More Info
Newborn Infant Guts Hold Key to Long-term Health Foundational funding from the Children's Discovery Institute led to another important insight into how bacterial communities develop in the newborn gut. ... CDI More Info