Imagining a World Without Congenital Heart Disease
Researchers at the Children’s Discovery Institute seek to identify genetic and metabolic factors that affect the risk of developing congenital heart defects ... Learn more

Research Highlights
Gut Bacteria Can Cause Life-threatening Infections in Pre-term Babies

The CDI provides key funding for laboratory infrastructure supporting important research, such as the recently published study led by Phillip I. Tarr, MD, and Barbara B. Warner, MD. ...Learn More

Infants With Leukemia Inherit Susceptibility

CDI-funded research, presented at the 2013 CDI Investor Symposium and recently published in the online journal Leukemia, indicates that babies with leukemia have inherited a genetic predisposition that makes them highly susceptible to the disease. ...Learn More

P.J.'s Story

February is American Heart Month. Read about the innovative work CDI researchers are doing to make congenital heart disease a thing of the past. ...Learn More

New Study Discovers Antibiotic Resistant Genes in Healthy Kids

CDI-funded researcher Gautam Dantas, PhD, and his colleagues found that microbes in the intestinal tracks of American children have numerous antibiotic resistance genes. The results of this recently published study raises red flags about the future effectiveness of antibiotics. ...Learn More

Understanding RSV

Researcher Gaya Amarasinghe, PhD, and his collaborators are using a novel approach to pave the way for designing vaccines for the ubiquitous virus, RSV....Learn More

News & Events
CDI Researcher and Fiction Author to Speak at Academy of Science Seminar Series Event Eric Leuthardt, MD, CDI investigator (left), pictured here with collaborator William Smart, PhD, and the robotic hand they've developed for children with debilitating neurological conditions will speak at an Academy of Science Seminar Series event and sign copies of his new fictional thriller.... CDI More Info
CDI Hosts First Visiting Investigator In the spirit of its collaborative vision, the Children’s Discovery Institute sponsored its first visiting researcher in January: David Ingram, MD, the Hugh McK Landon Professor of Pediatrics and of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, director of the Section of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine.... CDI More Info
CDI Awards $3.1 Million in New Pediatric Research Grants Washington University School of Medicine researchers in pediatric lung disease, childhood cancer, malaria and short bowel syndrome will share $3.1 million in new research grants from the Children’s Discovery Institute (CDI). A total of 10 new studies, selected by the CDI’s scientific advisory board, will begin in February. ... CDI More Info
New Guidelines for Malnutrition Informed by CDI Researcher When looking to create new guidelines for treating malnutrition, the World Health Organization (WHO) turned to Mark Manary, MD, recently funded by the CDI to study environmental enteropathy and best known for his "Project Peanut Butter."... CDI More Info
2013 CDI Investor Symposium Highlights The sixth annual CDI Symposium gave investors a glimpse into the minds and work of just some of the talented researchers at the Children's Discovery Institute... CDI More Info