The Genome Technologies Core Initiative enables CDI-funded investigators* cost-effective integration of a wide variety of genomic technologies into their CDI-funded research by providing a 50% subsidy on all genomic services offered by the University's Genome Technology Access Center (GTAC).  Each lab is subject to a $75,000 cap per fiscal year for usage of this core.  The subsidy applies to all GTAC services.  A summary of GTAC's services can be found in the GTAC Services Presentation from 7/25/13.  Additional information can be found on GTAC's website ( 

CDI PIs may request to use the subsidy by submitting the attached GTAC-CDI Project Approval Form.  The process for requesting approval has been outlined in the GTAC-CDI Project Approval Process document.

Forms & Information
GTAC-CDI Project Approval Form
GTAC-CDI Project Approval Process
GTAC Services Presentation 7/25/13 

*CDI-funded postdoctoral fellows are not eligible to receive the subsidy nor are PIs of Educational Initiatives.  Requests for the subsidy should benefit the investigators' CDI-funded work.

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