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The Genome Technologies Core Initiative enables CDI-funded investigators* cost-effective integration of a wide variety of genomic technologies into their CDI-funded research by providing a 50% subsidy on all genomic services offered by the University's Genome Technology Access Center (GTAC).  Each CDI project is subject to a $35,000 cap per grant year for usage of this core.  The subsidy applies to most services** offered by GTAC@MGI.  The CDI subsidy also includes standard bioinformatic analysis (e.g. alignment and base calling for sequencing, etc.) by Wei "Will" Yang, PhD, who is integrated into the GTAC Bioinformatics Core.  Will has been a member of the university's division of biostatistics since 2007 and was a post-doctoral researcher in the McDonnell Genome Institute from 2008 to 2011.  More customized bioinformatic analyses are possible at additional cost and in consultation with Will and GTAC.  Additional information can be found on GTAC's website ( 

The process for requesting subsidies is outlined in the GTAC-CDI Project Approval Process document, which also provides additional details on the services covered.  A link to the GTAC-CDI Project Approval Form to submit subsidy requests is also included below.

All CDI subsidy requests must include a brief description of how the GTAC services requested will benefit the approved scope of work on the funded CDI grant. 

Forms & Information
GTAC-CDI Project Approval Form
GTAC-CDI Project Approval Process

*CDI-funded postdoctoral fellows are not eligible to receive the subsidy nor are PIs of Educational Initiatives.  Requests for the subsidy should benefit the investigators' CDI-funded work.

**For single cell or single nuclei RNA-seq, subsidies can be requested to support sequencing but not library preparation.

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