Center for Metabolism and Immunity

CenterPoints: Ana Maria Arbelaez, MD talks about her research in children with type 1 diabetes within this Center.

The Center for Metabolism and Immunity encompasses studies on pediatric musculoskeletal, kidney and gastrointestinal disorders, allergies and autoimmune conditions, diabetes and infectious diseases. Together, they are leading causes of disability and mortality in children around the world. 

Using advanced biomedical research techniques, as well as clinical trials, investigators at the Center for Metabolism and Immunity are on a mission to answer key questions in order to improve the outcomes for children with these disorders.

Several research projects in the center examine the influence of the gut microbiome on child health. We know that both environmental and genetic factors can contribute to an array of conditions that develop early and affect a person’s health throughout life. However, more research is needed to identify their cause and to develop more effective diagnostic tools and therapeutic strategies. 

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