Funded Research

Washington University Center for Cellular Imaging Collaboration with the Children's Discovery Institute
Principal Investigator(s):
  • James Fitzpatrick, Ph.D. Neuroscience
  • Paul Taghert, Ph.D. Anatomy and Neurobiology
  • All Centers
Award Mechanism:
Core Large Initiative
Project Period:
7/1/2015 - 12/31/2018
Total Amount:
Cellular imaging allows researchers to view cells and tissues using high resolution microscopes which enables a better understanding of the biological function of cells and tissues. Recent advances in cellular imaging technology enable unprecedented dynamic and spatial resolution in studies of cells, tissues, and animals, creating exciting opportunities for discovery in basic and translational studies of pediatric disease. To advance research using state-of-the-art cellular imaging, the Washington University Center for Cellular Imaging (WUCCI) will open along with the new Scott McKinley Research Building. The aims of the proposed research are to provide the following WUCCI-related services and support for projects related to pediatric disease.

• Access to instrumentation and services covering a wide and evolving range of imaging technology, including high-speed and high-sensitivity confocal microscopy for live-cell and fixed-tissue imaging, two-photon microscopy and other technology for intravital imaging, super-resolution microscopy, correlative light and electron microscopy, and an array of electron microscopic techniques.
• Training on all instrument platforms, consultation on experimental design, and support for digital image processing and analysis.
• Financial and technical support for CDI projects and pilot data, in addition to partial support for educational and training activities.

The WUCCI will enhance a broad array of existing and future projects in which cellular imaging is used to provide a new understanding of childhood diseases studied in all CDI centers.
Translational Impact: Supports access for CDI-related projects using a new state-of the art facility (anticipated to span all phases of T1).

Washington University Center for Cellular Imaging

Scientific Director: James Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.