Award Management

For information on award management, awardees are advised to consult the Children's Discovery Institute's instructions and policies and/or the text below.  Questions may also be directed to

Citing CDI Support in Publications and CVs

All publications, press releases, and presentations citing results from CDI-supported research must include the following acknowledgment of CDI grant support: "Funding for this project was provided by the Children's Discovery Institute of Washington University and St. Louis Children's Hospital."

When citing CDI awards in CVs, please refer to the CDI as the "Children's Discovery Institute of Washington University and St. Louis Children's Hospital."

No-Cost Extensions

Grantees may request an extension (without additional funds) of the final budget period of the previously approved project period one time for a period of up to 12 months beyond the original expiration date shown in the award letter if additional time beyond the established expiration date is required to ensure adequate completion of the originally approved project. All NCE requests are due at least 60 days prior to the end of the final budget period. Grantees should utilize the NCE non-federal request template letter on WU’s Office of Sponsored Research Services website. The NCE request should address:

  • An explanation of why funds remain and how the NCE period requested will be utilized.
  • The balance of unexpended funds as well as a breakdown of how the funds will be used in the extension period.

Faculty Scholars may not request a NCE.

A No-Cost Extension Progress Report is due with the NCE request.  Please see the Progress Report Submission Guidelines for the NCE report requirements.  The NCE request and report should be submitted via the CDI Grant Submission System.


The principal investigator is responsible for ensuring that there is no scientific or budgetary overlap between his/her CDI project and any other sponsored project.

Scientific overlap occurs when: Substantially the same research, a specific research objective or the research design for accomplishing the objective are the same or closely related in two or more awards, regardless of the funding source.

Budgetary overlap occurs when: Duplicate or equivalent budgetary items (e.g., supplies, equipment, salaries) are requested for projects but already are provided by another source.

Overlap, whether scientific or budgetary, is not permitted. Any overlap should be brought to the   attention of the CDI immediately upon discovery.

Rebudgeting Requests

Funds may be allocated at the discretion of the PI with the following exceptions: 

  • Personnel may not be increased or rebudgeted by more than five percent (5%) of the approved personnel budget or $5,000; whichever is less, without prior approval.
    • For Postdoctoral Fellowship awards, personnel may not be increased or rebudgeted without prior approval.
  • Travel may not be increased without prior approval.
  • ANY purchase of permanent equipment or issuance of a subcontract not authorized in the original budget must have prior approval. 
Faculty Scholars require prior approval for the issuance of a subcontract not authorized in the original budget, but are not subject to the other rebudgeting restrictions listed above.

To obtain Children's Discovery Institute approval for rebudgeting, grantees should provide a narrative describing the need for the rebudgeting request and the benefit to the project. In addition, the explanation should specifically state the dollar amounts being transferred and which budget categories will be affected.  For example: "we request permission to rebudget $5,000 from personnel to other expenses." If rebudgeting carryforward from previous budget periods, please note this in the request. Rebudgeting requests should be emailed to

Rebudgeting requests do not need to route through the Office of Sponsored Research Services before being sent to the Children's Discovery Institute.

Revised Budgets

Occasionally, the award amounts decided upon by the Scientific Advisory Board and the Board of Managers do not coincide with the proposed budget. In this case, revised detailed budget and budget justification forms must be submitted to Once the revised budget has been approved by the CDI, OSRS may set up the award.


Key personnel are defined as individuals who contribute to the scientific development or execution of the project in a substantive, measurable way, whether or not salaries are requested. For an individual to qualify as a key person, he/she should generally hold a faculty title and their contribution to the project should be vital. Without his/her expertise, the project would not be able to continue.

Prior approval by the CDI is necessary if the effort of a PI/other senior key personnel on a CDI funded project is decreased by 25 percent of more from the level that was approved at the time of initial competing year award.

Personnel compensated in whole or in part with funds from a grant of the CDI shall not be considered employees or agents of the CDI.  

Transfer of PI

A written request to change the grantee must have institutional approval before being submitted to the Children's Discovery Institute

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