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Profound questions answered through scientific research are key elements in the search for ways to treat, cure and ultimately prevent childhood diseases and illnesses.

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The Children’s Discovery Institute is a world-class center for pediatric research and innovation created to encourage researchers to ask bold questions and take bold risks to uncover answers.

By funding the work of creative scientists and clinicians in collaborative, multi-disciplinary research aimed at some of the most devastating childhood diseases and disorders, the Children’s Discovery Institute will accelerate the realization of better treatments, cures, and preventions.

This partnership established in 2006 between two prominent organizations 
- St.Louis Children’s Hospital and Washington University - is uniquely positioned to leverage the abilities of clinicians, investigators, trainees, and professional staff throughout the University’s academic and medical community.

The sequence of the human genome, accomplished with considerable contribution from scientists at Washington University School of Medicine, provides for the very first time in our history the architectural plan of human growth and development. This fundamental knowledge can power great advances in the prevention and treatment of structural birth defects, premature birth, childhood cancer and a multitude of other diseases in children.

The Children’s Discovery Institute makes pediatric research grants within four Centers.The Center's approach is intended to focus thinking and innovation through open participation and the exchange of ideas.

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