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Dr. Schwartz Chosen as 2010 Outstanding Scientist

St. Louis, April, 2010—Scientists at the Children’s Discovery Institute continue to garner major scientific awards. This month, the St. Louis Academy of Science (SLAS) has named the Institute’s Executive Director, Alan L. Schwartz, MD, PhD, a 2010 Outstanding Scientist.

Dr. Schwartz was specifically honored for his work with the Children’s Discovery Institute, a research partnership between St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine. In the words of SLAS, Dr. Schwartz’s role “as Executive Director of the Children’s Discovery Institute highlights his exceptional facility for mentoring and engaging pediatric scientists.”

SLAS also heralded Dr. Schwartz for “his life-long and pioneering work on cellular trafficking and the mechanisms of protein degradation and recycling.” SLAS described Dr. Schwartz’s contribution as a “unique blend of scholarly inquiry and the ability to attract international attention, talent and resources for pediatric research.”

As a 2010 honoree, Dr. Schwartz received the Fellows Award. This Award recognizes a distinguished professional in the fields of science, engineering, or technology, with a record of excellence in communicating to and mentoring colleagues.

Past Fellows Award winners include Sarah Elgin, PhD, Viktor Hamburger Professor of Arts and Sciences at Washington University and former member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Children’s Discovery Institute, and Barbara Schaal, PhD, Mary-Dell Chilton Distinguished Professor in Arts & Sciences and Professor of Biology at Washington University.

Dr Schaal, who is also a current member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Children’s Discovery Institute, had accolades for Dr. Schwartz.

“Dr Schwartz has a lifelong commitment to children's health,” said Dr. Schaal. “That commitment is reflected in his clinical and administrative work at St. Louis Children's Hospital as Pediatrician-in-Chief and Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics, and in his leadership of the Children’s Discovery Institute. It’s also what drives his fundamental research on protein pathways, which has provided insights into inflammatory, neurodegenerative, and malignant pediatric diseases.”


Alan L. Schwartz, MD, PhD is the Executive Director of the Children’s Discovery Institute. He is Harriet B. Spoehrer Professor and Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics; Professor of Developmental Biology; and Pediatrician-in- Chief, St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Since its inception, the St. Louis Academy of Science has promoted the recognition of the impressive scientists of St. Louis. This tradition continues with the Annual Outstanding St. Louis Scientist Awards. Each award-winner represents both an extraordinary caliber of expertise and a dedication to fostering science literacy. 

The Children’s Discovery Institute is a world-class center for pediatric research and innovation created to encourage researchers to ask bold questions and take bold risks to uncover answers. By funding the work of creative scientists and clinicians in collaborative, multi-disciplinary research aimed at some of the most devastating childhood diseases and disorders, the Children’s Discovery Institute will accelerate the realization of better treatment, cure, and prevention of these diseases.

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