2010 Articles and Releases

Symposium Photos 2010


Children's Discovery Institute Third Annual Symposium, September 30, 2010...More

Dr. Mary Dinauer Named New Scientific Director


Mary Dinauer, MD, PhD joins the Children's Discovery Institute....More

Eat, Play, Grow


It’s common knowledge that healthy kids eat right and stay fit. What’s uncommon—four well-designed studies on nutrition and exercise funded by the Children’s Discovery Institute. Three of these studies address the metabolic problems of diabetes and malnutrition within the Center for Musculoskeletal and Metabolic Diseases; one study is funded through the Congenital Heart Disease Center...More

Scientific Method


Popular culture depicts science as a solitary, purely quantitative pursuit. Nothing could be further from the truth....More

Steven Teitelbaum, MD, Scientific Advisory Board Member


Steven Teitelbaum, MD, Messing Professor of Pathology and Immunology, first came to Washington University School of Medicine in 1960. He trained with one of the university’s legendary researchers. Today, he is a legend himself—a world- renowned expert on the mechanisms of osteoporosis. In a recent interview, Dr. Teitelbaum shared his ideas on the scientific process....More

Heart Transplantation: A Child's Odyssey


"It was a whirlwind," exclaimed Michelle Schnepper. "A specialist saw fluid around Macie's heart, and we had to choose a hospital where it would be safe to deliver Macie—fast."...More

Fighting Malaria in Children


Audrey Odom, MD, PhD, receives Doris Duke Foundation Grant....More

Three New Grants


Projects that expand research across the spectrum of pediatric health....More

Sugary Food and Diabetes: The Connection for Kids?


Watch video of investigators Michael Brent, PhD, and Thomas Baranski, MD, PhD....More

Pediatric Blood Cancers


Jeff Bednarski, MD, PhD takes a new look at how damage to the DNA of white blood cells, if not repaired by the cell, can predispose to leukemia and lymphoma....More

Generous people, thoughtful questions


Investors Kathy and Doug Pope ask......More

One Family's Story: Respiratory Distress Syndrome


"Because there was so much research going on in St. Louis, we knew we could come here for answers." --Gina White, mother of Elliana...More

Bright Futures


Faculty Scholars Chart a Bold Course for Healthier Children....More

Infections in Newborns


Investigator studies babies' response to viruses....More

Susan Dutcher, PhD, Honored


Advisory Board Member has been named fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences....More

Dr. Schwartz Chosen as 2010 Outstanding Scientist


St. Louis Academy of Science Honors CDI Executive Director, Alan L. Schwartz, MD, PhD....More

Immune Deficiency in Children


New Faculty Scholar closes in on a key protein....More

Discovery: Novel Gene for Musculoskeletal Deformities


Institute investigators publish findings in major peer-reviewed journal....More

Children's Eye Cancer


New grant focuses on retinoblastoma....More

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